The Dashboard Problem and Data Shapes

Memphis Shapes by AnnaliseArt

The data teams at Mozilla have put a great deal of effort into building a robust data ingestion pipeline and reliable data warehouse that can serve a wide variety of needs. Yet, we keep coming back to conversations about the dashboard problem or about how we’re missing last mile tooling that makes data accessible for use in data products that we can release to different customers within Mozilla.

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Guiding Principles for Data Infrastructure

Originally published as an article on So you want to build a data lake… Where do you start? What building blocks are available? How can you integrate your data with the rest of the organization? This document is intended for a few different audiences. Data consumers within Mozilla will gain a better understanding of the data they interact with by learning how the Firefox telemetry pipeline functions. Mozilla teams outside of Firefox will get some concrete guidance about how to provision and lay out data in a way that will let them integrate with the rest of Mozilla. [Read More]