Jeff Klukas

Gap Time

Starting a new job with Epic on Monday, working with their Server Systems team to provide configuration, deployment, and monitoring of high-performance databases for large healthcare systems. The past few weeks have given me some rare downtime, though, to throw effort at a few projects that had been on my mind. A few of the things I’ve accomplished during my gap time:

  • Made $300 in one morning by doing some hacking in response to a tweet.
  • Rebuilt in Wordpress so that minor changes can be handled directly by members of the ACAA community rather than having to go through me.
  • Learned the basics of MVC web apps and Ruby on Rails, inspired by the prodding of some of the good folks at Bendyworks.
  • Attended some Madison-area software meetups to get better acquainted with the local tech ecosystem.
  • Cleaned up the source code for my thesis and published a LaTeX style configuration on Github that I hope other UW dissertators will use to make their lives easier.
  • Updated the look of this site to be more stable and to better accomodate those nifty high-res displays. I’m using FontAwesome for icons in the sidebar and updated some images for double resolution.